Dear Drakans!

First of all, Draken team would like to deeply thank the whole community. You are the motivation for us to constantly develop, the reason for the project to reach this point and make sure that the spirit will lead DRK to success.

After a long period of Draken team focusing on the project with maximized efficiency, we were ready for the transformation and innovation of the project. We believe that this will be a big turning point, a breakthrough of DRK that reinforces the success of the entire community that has accompanied us during the past time.


As previously announced, in response to our community’s affection for the Pi Network project, we have been scheduling the listing, trading and execution of Community Farm for Pi Token (IOU of Pi Network) at to support the project.

Simply put, IOU (I Owe You) is a form of pre-trading coin/token that has not been listed on any exchange in the market. The distributed amount of coin/token involved during IOU distribution will be bought back when the coin/token has officially generated liquidity.

However, despite the positive response from the Pi Network community, we have received a number of complaints about…

Details about the program

  • Total airdrop amount: 30,000 Pi
  • Maximum registration slots: 10,000 slots
  • Reward for each qualified registration: 3 Pi
  • The program will commence when maximum registration forms are received
  • Distribution time: to be announced later

Instructions to participate

Step 1. Access DRK Chain from your Metamask extension and add Pi token, or create an account at

Adding DRK Chain to Metamask:

Step 2. Join our Telegram Channel and Telegram Chat, then send out a message to the group

Step 3. Follow our Twitter channel and retweet any post with hashtag #Pi #Drakenexchange

Step 4. Fill the register form:

Important notes when registering for the program:

  • Multiple registration by the…

DRK Chain is a separate Blockchain that successfully launched the Mainnet. Therefore, the community needs a tool to interact to send / receive / store DRK Coin and tokens that are based on DRK Chain. We have linked DRK Chain with Metamask Extensions — a popular and free Blockchain interaction tool. This article shows the community how to install DRK Chain on Metamask.

Step 1

Install Metamask for your browser and login / register an account.

Step 2

In the Network window, select Custom RPC.


Pi is a community-based token that runs on DRK Chain with outstanding advantages in transaction efficiency: 2-second block time, up to 5000 TPS and near-zero gas fee. Pi is strongly supported by the entire DRK’s ecosystem and first released in DRK SWAP. Thanks to the application of Cross-chain technology, Pi’s owners can easily exchange them to receive top-performing coins in the market. Pi can only be obtained through Community Farm at

Community Farm

Community Farm has been organized to serve the distribution of coin/token that do not belong to the main ecosystem of DRK. However, most of the coins and tokens…

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are booming strongly due to its solution to the existing concerns in terms of copyright and ownership of digital products and assets with the application of blockchain technology. Teemo is introduced with that inspiration and to untie bottlenecks of platform, performance, cost and user experience right in its own marketplace.

We would like to introduce the community to, coming from a third-party developer, the first NFT product to be launched on DRK Chain.

Teemo social media

Website :

Telegram :

Twitter :

Instagram :


Discord :

What is Teemo?

Teemo is a blockchain-based decentralized application…

In the previous article, we have been introduced to the basic definitions, operation mechanism and inspiration of DRK Swap — one of the strategic products of DRK.

In this article, we introduce to the community DRK Swap Yield Farming and the release of DSWAP — Token backed by DRK Swap. These new products are promised to bring huge development and project expansion potential.

DRK Swap Yield Farming

Yield Farming is a concept in DeFi, emerging strongly in 2020 and is one of the reasons that created the DeFi capitalization upsurge from 500 million dollars to 10 billion dollars. …

DRK Swap has been successfully put into operation on DRK Chain and implemented in Despite being recently launched with the initial purpose to provide the community with basic using experience, DRK Swap has consecutively exceeded our expectation with impressive milestones reached: highest recorded total liquidity level of more than 5 million Dollar, highest daily trading volume of nearly 3 million Dollar. This is a confident premise for the development of DRK Swap in the coming time, which will be supported by our constant strategic movements that we have deliberately planned out.

In this article, we will get to know…

To DRK Community,

We would like to announce to the community the “DRD Monthly Token Burn” program, officially taking place from February, 2021.

The DRD Token is backed by, our strategic DeFi product in the Draken’s Dapp Universe. Over the past time, the community has noticed the improved performance and consistent upgrades of, accompanied by the strong growth of DRD Token in the past time. We can be certain and proud that, the perfected version of and DRD Token have got their place in the industry. …

DRD Token is a DRC-99 standard cryptocurrency representing, one of the strategic products which are dedicatedly developed in the DRK Dapps Universe. As mentioned in the previous post, we will organize special distribution programs for the tokens developed by Draken to ensure their value and operating purpose. In this post, we would like to inform the community about one of the special programs organized for DRD token — “DRK and DRD Swap”.

DRD Token Information

Note: Please ensure that you have correctly entered the information of DRD…

DRK Chief Editor — The Fourth Generation of Blockchain in Decentralized Finance

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